Postal address update for Express Entry


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I applied for Express Entry FSW from the US, received my ITA and submitted all documents in September 2020. I have since left the US and am now in Canada for a couple of months on a visitor visa, since my fiancé lives here. I need to update my postal address on the application but I am wondering if it should be my current address in Canada or a permanent address outside the US, since I initially applied from outside Canada.

Any insight is appreciated.

Thank you!


Toronto, Ontario
As long as you have valid status in Canada, you can change your address. However because you are still on a visitor visa, it's not really a "permanent address" right?

Under normal circumstances, you would have your decision already but the pandemic has slowed everything to a crawl. So I'm honestly not sure what to suggest here. Is there anyone who has access to your American address? (Also, most correspondence, excepting your actual visa, will be electronic.)


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Thank you for your response. You are right that since I am on a visitor visa, I don't have a permanent Canadian address ideally. And no, no one has access anymore to the original US address.

I guess I will just wait until there's some update on my PR application. And will update my address accordingly based on where I am when the time comes for postal correspondence.

Thanks again!