Prior PR, upcoming relocation


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I’d appreciate any advice - I have PR because I lived in Canada in childhood, but moved away also in childhood and therefore have not met residency requirements. I accepted a job to start in Canada this summer, and neither I nor my employer know if I need to reapply for PR or what to do. If I apply for express entry, I should get in, but do I need to because I already have PR? Do I need to renounce my PR and reapply? Should I just get a work permit and then after 2 years apply for a new PR card? I don’t even have my old PR card or know my number. It’s honestly very confusing and multiple attempts to communicate with Canadian immigration have resulted in no response. Thank you in advance!

Riley Haas

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In normal times you could fly to the US and try to enter Canada by car with your Record of Landing (if you have your own) however these are not normal times.

The simplest thing is for you to renounce your status and apply through Express Entry.