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Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the proof of funds. I live in a common law union with my Canadian citizen partner. In my application I added him as “non accompanying spouse” since he is already a citizen living in Canada. My question is, I don’t have all the money needed in my account to qualify for FSW (2 people = 16k CAD). Can I also use the money that is in my partners personal bank account as proof of funds? I have roughly 8k in my account and he has another 23k. Thank you.

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For sponsorship the funds have to be for both parties but I don't believe this is true for any Express Entry application. Can you post a link where you saw the requirement?

Your partner should be irrelevant to this application.


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If my partner is irrelevant to the application, can I still use money he has in his account as proof of funds? Or will I need a deed of gift from him? Moreover, if that’s the case, so do I need 13k for one person or 16k? Thank you.

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When applying for immigration to Canada, the use of funds from a common-law partner's account as proof of funds is possible, but there are specific guidelines you should follow. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Joint Application: Since you are in a common-law relationship with a Canadian citizen partner, your partner's financial resources can be used as proof of funds, but you need to submit a joint application. In this case, your partner would be considered an accompanying spouse.
  2. Minimum Required Funds: The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program typically requires a minimum amount of funds for settlement. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the requirement for two people was 16,135 CAD. If you and your partner together have a total of 31,000 CAD (8,000 CAD in your account and 23,000 CAD in your partner's account), you should meet this requirement.
  3. Documentation: You should provide supporting documentation to prove your partner's financial resources. This may include bank statements, a notarized letter of financial support from your partner, and proof of your common-law relationship.
  4. Consistency with Application: Ensure that your application is consistent with the information provided. This means demonstrating that the funds are genuinely accessible and available for your use in Canada once you arrive.
  5. Up-to-Date Information: Be sure to check the most recent guidelines and requirements on the official Canadian government immigration website, as rules and requirements can change over time. Ensure that your proof of funds meets the current requirements at the time of your application.
It's essential to consult with an immigration advisor or attorney to make sure you meet all the specific requirements and guidelines, as immigration regulations can change. They can provide guidance tailored to your situation and help you navigate the application process successfully.