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I am Minh.

I am a software engineer majored in Computer Science and graduated about 10 years ago. During that 10 years, I have worked for 4 different employers but I didn't work continuously. 3 out of 4 of them already went bankrupt and no longer exists. So, I am wondering do I need to proof my work experience for the entire 10 years, or only the most recent 3-4 years is sufficient?

Here is my employment history:
- Oct 2012 -Oct 2013: Worked for the first employer as a software engineer. This employer already went bankrupt
- Jan 2014 - Jan 2016: Work for the second employer. It's a research lab within a university, the lab is no longer exists but the university is still there and my contract is with the university.
- Take a year gap learning English
- Dec 2016 - June 2017: Worked for the third employer. It went bankrupt too
- Take 2 years gap working on my hobby projects
- Aug 2019 -> present: Work for the fourth employer. I have been working here for more than 2 years.

So, when creating my express entry profile, do I need to list all my work experience and proof all of them? Do I need to explain why I took gap years between works?

Thank you so much.


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I forgot to mention that I intent to apply for the federal skilled worker express entry. I don't have any work experience in Canada.