Returning Immigrant with PRTD


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Hi There,

I became PR (landed immigrant) in the year 2007. And due to some family reasons, I had to go back to my country in 2010. Due to a lot of issues, I could not fulfill residency obligations and hence could not get my PR renewed. However, I applied for the renewal of my PR and appealed with IAD under humanitarian and compassionate grounds and got my PRTD in Nov 2019. As soon as I landed I applied for PR card and due to the COVID lock down the process has delayed I have not even got an acknowledgment from IRCC on my application. Can I work in Canada with my current status? What will happen if I don't get my card before my PRTD expires, which is Nov 2020? Please advise.


Riley Haas

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So, yes, you can technically work in Canada without a PR card. The problem is that many employers will not recognize your PR status without the card. It honestly depends upon the employer - whether they take your word for it or not, or whether they actually know how the system works (and you should assume most do not).

You're in Canada, right? Your PRTD is now irrelevant (um, unless you leave...). It was given to you so you could successfully travel here. It's a "travel document" and does not actually convey status.

What you probably should do is to provide some kind of proof to IRCC that not having a PR Card is keeping you from working. If you can get a letter from your employer/prospective employer requiring a PR Card, you can send that letter to IRCC and ask for urgent processing. I have no idea how quickly that will move things along, given the pandemic, but it's worth a try.