Should we hire a consultancy to finish immigration processes, or do it ourselves?


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Hello! I and my husband want to immigrate to Canada. We are eligible as per our age, education, etc. We have talked to several immigration firms here who claim to get us a PR, but we have read bad reviews about almost all of them and aren't sure if we should trust them.

The people in these firms sounded like the process is a big and complicated one with a lot of paper work and anything can go wrong if not done in the right manner. This has frightened us and we are worried. Is this true? Do we really need such a firm to guide us? Or is there any site which lists down detailed steps that we can follow and get a PR ourselves?

Thanks in advance for the advice! :)
In my opinion, you need a Consultant if:
  • you cannot understand the instructions
  • if you cannot exercise care and caution while filling the application
  • if you do not have time to research for information
  • if you do not have good (not great) English language skills
  • if you are lazy and have lots of money
  • if you have a tendency to get easily confused
  • if your case is not straight forward

    Hence, in my opinion if you can understand the details on the Immigration website properly, you should go through the process yourself. There may be times where you want help, and in such cases you can search for a certified immigration consultant in your city and consult him/her for a fee.
Good luck :)


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In my opinion, you should find a consultant if you don't bother spending some money on it. It will help you avoid a lot of stress and save a lot of time. For example, when I was immigrating, I had several problems understanding the instructions, and I didn't have enough time to research for information. I found a law consultant on, and I was guided on how to do it correctly and what to do. In my opinion, even though I could save some money and do it by myself, it was worth it because I avoided a lot of stress.