Sponsored wife leaves the husband 3 weeks after she did receive landed immigrant status


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Yes, 3 weeks after she and her daughter is received the documents told me to sell the house and give her half of the proceeds of this sale. Is there anything I can do?

Riley Haas

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Very sorry to hear that.

This is a question for a divorce lawyer.

If you are asking from the immigration angle; no, if she and the daughter received PR already there is nothing you can do.


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I think it's an unworthy act, but I know it happens. I'm sorry to hear this, but I agree with the previous comment. You should contact a specialist to solve this problem. By the way, such cases gave me an idea and I want to become a relationship coach. I will encourage people to study useful information about marriage and relationships so that they know what they are doing. And I can recommend this blog to you https://marriage-professor.com/how-to-cope-with-divorce-when-you-still-love-him/ to get answers to many questions, maybe it will help solve some of your family problems.