Sponsoring a spouse


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I am a Canadian living in Lebanon, I will be moving back to Canada by June 2020.
I want to get married and bring my spouse with me to Canada, where to start?
1) get married in Lebanon and sponsor my spouse from Canada?
2) or bring him to Canada by visitors visa and start all the process from Canada? To do so, do I need to send him an invitation letter? or one of his family member residing in Canada can do that?

side note: I want him to be with me in Canada while applying is that possible?

please help.

Thank you

Riley Haas

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You can do either. It really depends upon whether or not he gets the visitor visa. If he does, #2 is likely better for you as a couple (as you are together in Canada).

You can write an invitation letter if it's clear you are moving back to Canada (or whatever the purpose of your visit). I personally don't know which is more successful. The thing is, he needs to be upfront about his reason for traveling and this is a delicate balance. If you and he just say he's coming to get married to you, he will likely be denied.