Sponsoring my Husband


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Hi I am a Canadian By birth and recently married to my Husband who is an Indian and right now on Post Graduate open Work permit which expires in Jan 2020
Now I will be submitting his sponsorship PR application with Spousal Work Permit in Nov.
Most Likely he will get Open work Permit by March or April 2020.
Now my questions is how My Husband will maintain his status which expires in Jan ,while he is waiting for his Spousal Open Work Permit.
Does He has to apply for Visitor Visa, while he is waiting for his Spoual Work permit.
Thanks for your help,

Yes, if you applied for a Spousal Work Permit before your work permit expired, you can keep working on Open work Permit until a decision is made on your application.
Apply for Sponsored Spouse with Inland Sponsorship/Open Work Permit for Sponsored Spouse with Inland Sponsorship as per your convenience.