Stuck in Canada! 221g processing


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Long story short, I was born in Montreal and moved to the states when I was about 2-3 years old (California to Virginia) and lived there my whole life . My oldest brother married a US citizen and filed an I-130 for me and got approved in 2010 which then goes to the long haul of F-4. I've been lawfully living in the states with DACA since 2012.

Current date: my interview was in Montreal on March 29 and got the 221g cause they needed the petitioner's original birth certificate in which I forgot. They also emailed me a follow up to request additional information on if I had any deferred or temporary protected status 2009-2012 (when I was between 18-21) and my parent's date of becoming a legal US resident. So I mailed the birth certificate to the courier section on March 31, emailed them back on my follow up additional information (with proof of documentation) that same day and I got an email on April 5 from them back saying "This case is currently under review with a consular officer. As soon as the review is complete, the Visa Unit will advise of the next steps in order to continue processing the case."

My huge concern is how long will it take for them to process it and finally give me an answer to approve me? More importantly, is there a way to speed up the process fast so I can fly back home? They have my passport so I'm literally stuck here until I hear back from them! I only brought 2 weeks worth of clothes cause I've been told it takes that long to do the whole thing, and I need to get back to my job I work at next week!! On top of that, I'm feeling homesick cause I miss my family, my dog, my girlfriend, friends, etc.

Any help would be totally appreciated1649284421456.gif


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So you are waiting for an answer from the US consulate in Montreal. Our forum is more for Canadian immigration matters, but I will try to help.

- Fax, email or even go down in person to ask. You can't be refused for being annoying or persistent.
- Make sure when you email to ask, you compose a well-written email (hastily completed emails are usually deleted)
- I am home sick is the worst thing to say. I recommend, "I'm financially limited and running out of funds".
- Here is a example on a way to format a well written letter:
- Post this same question (remove, I am home sick), to Canada Visa Forum, they have more users, just make sure you post in the right category.
- Pay someone to help you.

Good luck.