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I am Romanian citizen living in Paris, France. I plan a trip to the US starting 08/08/2015 to the 29/08/2015. I am transiting Canada via Montr?al and found out recently that I need a transit visa.
I have done the online application with all the required documents and sent it in yesterday, 21/07/2015. On the CIC website I saw that the processing time for Paris is 8 days.

Could you please tell me if you think I will be able to have the visa by the 7/8? That is 14 business days from now?

I am unsure if the 8 days includes just the rejection/ approval of the application or the whole process, including actually having the visa stamp on my passport?

Lastly, is there some sort of emergency process I could go through to accelerate things?

Thank you very much for your time and answer.

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Riley Haas

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Hi Alice,
If the processing time is indeed 8 calendar days, then you should definitely have it in 14 business days. Even if it's 8 business days...14 is nearly double, and, to my knowledge, it's relatively rare for processing times to double in length out of the blue. Usually some kind of public notice would exist.

Did you submit your passport as part of your application? (I have not applied for an online visa...not 100% sure how it works.) If so, I would assume it would come back with the visa attached inside (or stamped inside, as the case may be, but I believe you get a paper visa). If not, then you will have to get it, but I would presume the processing time includes everything the officers do with regard to your application. If you have to pick up your visa (or your passport with the visa), then that would likely be at the end of the "8 days." If it's being mailed to you, it will take longer.

The overseas visa offices only accept correspondence by email, so your best bet, if you are worried, is to email them. I can't find the email address but I found this: (If you can't go there, see this page and go to "Case Specific" halfway down the page.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you SO MUCH for your help.
I am a bit reassured now.
Your link works and I will thereby try to contact them with it and see what they reply.

Have a nice day,