TRV Reapplication reasons


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My status : work-permit

My girlfriend had applied for a TRV application in March requesting to visit me in July. She lives in the US on a H1-B visa.

But given the backlog and post Sept-7 changes...we are thinking on reapplying the visa as we think the current visa application is in a backlog.

Reason for previous application:

  1. Visiting boyfriend during Christmas holidays.
  2. Mental health of both of us being affected as we both have been in a long -distance relationship since a year.( We plan to have letters from both our therapists to acknowledge that)
  3. H1-B renewal. Her H1b renewal and stamping is due and she intends to go back to US for her job. She works as an research scientist for Amazon.
My question:

Can some one advice if these reasons (especially mental health and H1b renewal) as valid reasons for a new applications?

Information around re-application is scarce and so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!