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Hi there, I am hoping someone can help me figure out if I am a British Citizen by double descent, crown service. I am hoping to apply for a British Overseas Passport as I live in New Zealand.

Both my grandparents on my maternal side were born in the UK but my mother was born in New Zealand due to my grandfather being recruited by the navy. My maternal grandfather was in the Royal Marines (crown service) before he was recruited, while in the UK, to join the Royal New Zealand Navy a few months before my mother was born in 1961 (I personally was born in 1996).
I have all of his original documents from both the Royal Marines and the Royal New Zealand Navy. His documents suggest he was discharged from the Royal Marines in 1960 and joined the Royal New Zealand Navy in said 1961 upon arrival in New Zealand. All of his mail regarding the Royal New Zealand Navy are stamped with "O.H.M.S = On Her Majesty's Service" there is also the word "Royal" in the title before New Zealand Navy. My question is, would the Royal New Zealand Navy be considered a crown service at the time of my mothers birth? If he was not recruited to New Zealand, my mother would have been born in the UK.

Thank you for your time, any help would be much appreciated.

Riley Haas

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This is a very good question.

The issue is at least in part whether or not your grandfather was actually employed by the UK government while in the Royal New Zealand Navy. My guess would be "no" but that mail makes things slightly interesting. (Of course "On Her Majesty's Service" could refer to the Queen of New Zealand, right?)

Can you DM me your email address?