Unable to obtain PCC for PR application


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I am in Canada on my visitor visa and my husband is a Permanent Resident. We are both of Indian nationality and are facing an issue to apply for my PR through the in-land spouse sponsorship. We require a Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) from the Indian consulate but I am unable to secure it as I am on visitor visa. The Indian consulate website states that PCC applications shall not be accepted from applicants who are on tourist visas.

Can we still apply for my PR application without a PCC by including an explanation letter as to why we are unable to obtain it?
Do we have any other option?

Looking forward to your response.

Riley Haas

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The first thing I'd do is try calling or emailing the consulate and explaining the situation. The second thing is to see if you can contact the police agency in India directly.


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Hi Riley,

Thank you for your reply. We have tried applying for the PCC through BLS which is an outsourced agency by the Indian Consulate in Canada but we were unable to obtain it.
We also tried applying for PCC in India directly but that requires me to be present it person to obtain the PCC.

We were wondering if there could be a way to apply for the PR application without the PCC and provide a detailed letter explaining why we were unable to obtain it and the efforts we have made.

Would that be a good option?


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I don't know that this is possible, it's a mandatory requirement. Have you tried calling IRCC directly? It's going to be very hard to get through but if you do they may be able to tell you whether or not a note would suffice. (I suspect it will not.)

K. Polly

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I took my fingerprints in Canada and mailed it back to my home country with pictures of my ID and passport. A family member is submitting it on my behalf for a PCC. You can check if that is an option for you.


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Hello Jenka, interested to know how you finally went about obtaining a PCC from the Indian Consulate in Canada. Because I find myself in the exact position as you. Also were you able to submit your inland spousal sponsorship without a PCC and just an explanation note?

Riley's and Polly's ideas about obtaining one directly from India may be the only solution possible but was curious.

Sara Rose

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The requirement for a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from India can indeed pose a challenge if the consulate doesn't accept applications from individuals on tourist visas. However, there might be some options available to you:

Explanation Letter:
  • Including a detailed explanation letter within your PR application is a good step. Explain the situation clearly, detailing why you're unable to obtain the PCC due to the consulate's policy regarding tourist visas.
  • Provide any supporting documents that validate your status in Canada (such as your visitor visa) and explain your intention to apply for PR through the in-land spouse sponsorship.
Alternative Documents:
  • Consider obtaining alternative documents or evidence that might demonstrate your good conduct or lack of criminal record. While not a substitute for the PCC, such documents might support your application.
Consult an Immigration Lawyer:
  • Seeking advice from an immigration lawyer or consultant experienced in Canadian immigration law could be beneficial. They might offer insights or potential alternative routes or solutions for situations where obtaining specific documents is challenging.
Consulate Clarification:
  • Contact the Indian consulate directly to inquire if there are any exceptions or alternative processes available in your situation. Sometimes, there might be ways to address specific circumstances, and consulate policies might have room for flexibility.
Consider Different Routes:
  • Depending on the circumstances, there might be other pathways or programs available for obtaining permanent residency. Exploring different routes or programs with the help of an immigration professional could offer alternative options.
Remember, providing a comprehensive explanation within your application is crucial. Clearly outlining the reasons why you couldn't obtain the PCC and demonstrating your willingness to comply with the requirements can strengthen your case. Additionally, seeking professional guidance can be immensely helpful in navigating such situations in the immigration process.