Urgent need to get my PR card too travel


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Good evening I had a question. My wife just arrived to Canada from Pakistan on sept 19th- A month and a few days ago and we need to travel to Pakistan for a week basically leave on Monday-Tuesday latest and return on November first few days the latest. Issues we haven’t received her PR card yet in the mail.
I looked all over and couldn’t find a number that my wife can talk or call too in person too explain this situation
When she arrived too be honest we thought that the card comes automatically on 13 days. I spoke the our travel agent and he suggested that she can’t return back with out a PR card physically in hand but if I talk too maybe immigration possibly I can explain that we need the card ASAP as in urgent.
Would u have any info or idea. I need to know if any possibility


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Hello Syed,
you need PR card on arrival when you returning., there is a urgent process for PR card on your situation basis. or keep trying immigration canada contact and you shall get connect.


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Any idea too know when a PR cards coming. It’s been one month nothing yet til yesterday. I called immigration and they claim they have no idea.
On site shows 127 days and the agent I talked too said that’s incorrect. That’s not correct
He also said that urgent will not take a few days but Atlesst two weeks


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If you are only leaving Canada for a few days then you will not have enough time to obtain a travel document in order to return so you have 2 options only. The best option is not to travel The second option is to return through the USA and cross at a land border in a private vehicle with your COPR however, you will need a US visa to do this. If you do not have a US visa then I definitely advise you not to travel until you receive your PR card. Current processing for initial PR card is 127 days. You can try and submit a webform (https://secure.cic.gc.ca/enquiries-renseignements/canada-case-cas-eng.aspx) but honestly, an initial PR card cannot really be expedited.


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