Visa processing time


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I am a Caribbean national currently residing in the US on a student Visa. I submitted my Canadian Visa application about 2 days ago and just received the biometrics letter. The problem is, the location of my school is very far from the nearest centre, and the earliest I can get to one is November 25. What are my chances of getting the Visa before I have to use my passport to go home on December 17th? I already purchased a ticket to and from Canada from January 3rd to the 10th.

Also, can someone explain exactly what CAN Plus expedited processing is? I read that people with valid US Visas qualify but I am not sure if that only applies to Indian citizens.

Riley Haas

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Honestly, nobody can promise you will get your passport back before you travel. You should, as that date is quite far away, but it depends upon when your biometrics are submitted, among other things. Unfortunately the Canadian government is far less transparent about processing times than it used to be. Someone might be crowd-sourcing actual processing times, though.

This is the first I've heard of CAN+ but my understanding is that your application may be eligible for faster processing because of your US visa.


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I think I did eventually end up qualifying for some sort of express processing. I gave my biometrics on November 25th and my passport was requested on November 26th. I sent it to the New York VAC on November 29th and I should be getting it back tomorrow, December 7th in the mail.
I hope this helps future applicants.