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I am a Caribbean national currently residing in the US on a student Visa. I also hold a valid US visitor's Visa and have numerous stamps in my passport indicating travel for tourism to and from the US and various Caribbean islands over the past couple of years.

I want to go to Canada for site seeing and also to visit a friend who is on a Canadian student visa this winter break as well as my grand aunt who is a Canadian Permanent resident. I will probably stay with them at their respective homes during my one week stay. The problem is, when I select the option of visiting a family member or friend, the application process becomes much more complicated in requiring a proof of relationship. It will be very difficult for me to acquire all the birth certificates I imagine would be required to show that me and my grand aunt are related.

I decided to switch my reason for visit to tourism and it simplified the process much easier. I have included the plane ticket and possible hotel reservation I would make for my stay. I have already bought the plane ticket for January 3rd so I need the process to occur as quickly as possible. My concern is that because this application track doesn't involve an invitation letter, it will make it less likely to be approved.

Like how likely are they to believe that a college student is going on a one week trip all alone to a place where they don't know anyone?

Can y'all advise as to what I should do?

Riley Haas

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I can't tell you how likely it actually is, but I can guess. I wouldn't be surprised if they are skeptical.

The thing you need to do is make a compelling case you are returning to your studies in the US.