Visa refused from UK, what will the impact on Canada Immigration


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Hi, I have been living in the UK for 14 years but now I am interested to apply for Canada immigration. I have done my master in IT from UK and my wife is a nurse from Pakistan.
Is am thinking that my wife will going to apply as a main applicant for Canada immigration and I will be her dependent.
Actually, I want to ask one important thing regarding Canada immigration process. Few months ago, I applied for my Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in UK but unfortunately was refused from the visa department (Home Office). I appealed in court against the decision but the appeal was rejected. The reason behind the refusal was that couple of my self employment tax were paid after the due date but all of my tax has been paid. According to my understanding it’s not a criminal offence but that’s is the only reason that my further application is affected and they are not granting me to stay in this country.
I am concerned about this issue. Can someone please guide me if it will affect my Canada immigration process?

Riley Haas

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So, to your first question: you should both fill out Express Entry profiles including the other as a spouse and see who has the most points. (That is, provided you both qualify to immigrate as skilled workers.) This way you can increase your chances of getting an ITA.

If the offence wasn't criminal, this shouldn't impact your ability to immigrate. What will impact is your status: you need to have legal status in the UK (or wherever you are at the time) on the day you apply for PR in Canada (provided you are sent an Invitation to Apply).

Amit Singh

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Well, you can apply for Canada Immigration; however, you need to make sure that you get a PCC (Police Clearance certificate) from the UK. Once you get your PCC, you can apply for the immigration program you are interested in.
PCC is mandatory as it makes sure that you have no criminal offences in the past or present.

I hope it might help!

Wishing you success and luck for the future!