What's the fastest route:inland or outland sponsorship?


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Hello there, I'm Canadian and my husband is Filipino. We've married, lived and had 2 children together for 7 years. Now, we are planning on doing the family sponsorship. Which is the fastest way to get my husband to Canada? If I apply while living in the Philippines (though I've been out of Canada for more than 10 years) or my children (canadian citizens) and I moving to Canada first and then applying for my husband's permanent residency? I'm been refused 2 times for a temporary visa for him already....I want us to be altogether fast if I must go first with our kids. Any advice?

Riley Haas

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So first of all you need to be in Canada regardless of whether or not you choose inland or outland. If you are not inside Canada, you have to assume the additional burden of proving you intend to live in Canada. In our experience most of these applications (with the sponsor out of Canada but intending to return) are rejected.

Inland is not necessarily faster than outland or vice versa. The difference is that you can appeal the refusal of an outland application but not the refusal of an inland application.

If your husband has been refused multiple visitor visas, you should apply outland once you and your children have moved back to Canada.