As globalization picks up pace and people get more mobile, there’s much more opportunity for us to interact with other cultures and languages. Sometimes we rock it, and sometimes… we don’t.

Check out our selection of things lost in translation:


14. You better come; you don’t want to suffer the consequences:

It's so fucking special PUB - you don't come, you get pimple via Fun Cage

via Funcage


13. The directions seem simple enough:

How to Goodbye Depression via College Humor

via College Humor


12. It’s important to not lose sight of traditions:

12th Tradional Handjob Education Symposium



11. Super cheap, just 3 or 4 human lives:

Xin Jiang Maitian International Youth Hostel via

via via


10. Ugh, vegetables:

Fuck Vegetables via

via Dorkly

If you’re curious about how in the world such a mistranslation happens, you can read about it here.


9. We’re not too happy about fruit either:

spread to fuck the fruit via Pinterest

Via Pinterest


8. While we’re at it:

Fuck the certain price of goods via 21 China



7. We’d really appreciate your cooperation:

Please don't be edible via Bored Panda

via Bored Panda


6. Come on, angle:

You are my love my angle don't treat me like potato via Bored Panda

Also via Bored Panda


5. If this is the ‘before’ picture, you should see the ‘after’ picture on the back:

Face Bashing via Justsomething

via Justsomething via engrish


4. Priorities:

rape me ok, rob money are not

via Ruin My Week


3. If you insist…

Keep my virgin via BeingLOL

via BeingLOL


2. Constructive feedback:

I like your smile but unlike you put your shoes on my face via Pinterest

via Pinterest


1. Feel-good signs:

Urinating into the pool you are the best via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Urinating into the pool you are the best via Ni Haupt!

via Ni Haupt!

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