IMMIgroup Launches Free Canadian Citizenship Practice Test

This article is about IMMIgroup's new, free practice test for those applying for Canadian citizenship. To learn more about the official test, read this article. To try our practice test, click the button below:

Take the Practice Test

Citizenship Test Landing Screen

On the landing screen, you can choose between taking the practice test, and reviewing all the practice materials. IMMIgroup has assembled three sets of practice materials: you can read, listen or watch them.


1. Take the Practice Test

If you click on option 1, "Take the Test" you will go to this screen:

Citizenship Practice Test Start Screen


Pick Your Province

First, you have to pick your province. This is necessary because a small percentage of citizenship test questions will be specific to your province of residence.

Citizenship Test Select Your Province

After that, you select the number of questions you would like to answer. You can pick as few as five or over 140. The test itself is only 20 questions but we suggest picking more than that so you get practice in on a wide range of test subjects

Citizenship Test Select Questions

Then it's just a matter of answering questions. The test will tell you, as you go, what you got wrong and what you got right. It will also track your progress:

Citizenship Test in Action

When you finish answering the questions, it will display your results:

Citizenship Test Results

You will see how you did, what you got right and wrong. We recommend practising until you can get 80% right in one try. If you want to take the test again, just click the Back button on your browser.

Good luck!

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