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As you make your way home from the longest day at work, you hit what seems like the daily doubling in traffic that progressively prevents you from reaching your doorstep in a timely fashion. Our extremely fast-paced society always works against us at the worst moments. It takes what is left of your energy to prevent you from reaching for your phone and calling your love. They are the one you want to turn to and unwind.

To here their voice and visualize their smile as one slowly sweeps across your face. You both look forward to these small moments. The words “It’s okay my love, relax,” makes time stop. You can feel their warm breath on your cheek through the phone as they whisk you away to your paradise. The words that linger in your mind on repeat long after the call ends… you know exactly what I am talking about.

Communication is everything when you are in a long-distance relationship. I feel it is the paramount tool in maintaining a stable, healthily union and bond. Waking up to the subject line, “Buenos Dias Mi Amor,” in your inbox or blowing endless kisses to each other’s face as you say “good night” reassures everything is worth waiting for.

Exercising healthy communication while learning to live without each other ultimately tests and strengthens your relationship. Long-distance love is not easy, but as possibilities grow for Cubans everyday, communication is becoming more accessible. The overall quality of your relationship relies on communication during your time apart. You will develop skills that people who live together unknowingly and easily abuse, forgetting the importance and value of effectively communicating together. When you put the effort into communication you reassure and make the other person feel loved and attended to, it keeps you both connected.

Below, are the best means of communication I have found that pack the most punch for your buck between Canada and Cuba. These two options allow you to maintain a happy, cost effective and foreign relationship alive. Let’s be realistic and logical, we all need to spend and save our money wisely. Compare my suggestions below with your current means of communication. Use these resources and invest that little bit of extra savings towards your sponsorship fees or that next visit. Make everything meaningful in your journey together.



Sample Email

Learn to express yourself through writing. Email is the least expensive and most cost-effective way to communicate with your loved one in Cuba. Not only can you collect a number of thoughts together at one time, but you can also express yourself to the fullest. You will also develop personal growth. You will become a better writer, thinker and live a more intentional life. At its core, writing is about recording our thoughts and compelling others to agree with them. The process of writing encourages you to stop and think deeper. You will dig deeper into the matters of your life and the views that shape it. Once you start this form of communication with your partner you will begin to think more intentionally about you who are, who you are becoming and the meaningful goals you are developing in your life.

Despite the awkwardness around the idea, I am a firm believer in love letters. I encourage you to write a love letter everyday. Not only will this make your relationship more romantic as love letters add intensity, but it will help you connect both internally and externally. Additionally - and this is important to consider - you need relationship proof when processing a sponsorship application for your spouse to come to Canada, so love letters will come in very handy

Love letters can portray your deepest considerations, appreciations, and emotionally-charged interactions that will allow you to grow deeper with your partner. You can also plan your goals together for the future. No couple wants to be in a long-distance relationship forever. Even if you are not living in the same space, you both are actively participating and working together towards a future that includes one another.

Ignore your inner critic that says you don’t know how or what to say. Love is honesty. Love letters can be life-changing because writing one is one of the few times you can muster up the ultimate courage to be truly vulnerable.

Still having doubts? I’ll help you with the first paragraph:


Mi Amor, I wanted to let you know I love you with all that I am. You are the centre of the happiness of my life. You are my heart.


End it there if you want, but I bet you will find more words to say. I guarantee the response you will receive will entice more words next time and your connection will quickly deepen to another level.

I was once told, “Distance and time will be our enemy, but I have no fear as history has numerous examples of impossible love that ultimately triumphed in time. Ours is no different.” When you write something honest and true the world is a whole lot better, and life begins to shine!


Email Tips

  • Ensure that when you send photos via email to Cuba, keep them under 100KB for easy download and data restrictions.
  • Nauta email accounts can only maintain a 50MB inbox space. If the users account becomes full emails cannot be sent or received.
  • Google Free Translation is the most accurate free tool for translation between English and Spanish. Use short sentences, and avoid contractions (words combined with an apostrophe).


Video Call

Skype Call via

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With public access to Internet more reasonably priced than ever in Cuba, this is my preferred recommendation for communication. Rates for Internet service are as low as 1CUC for 30 minutes, 2CUC for 1 hour and 10CUC for 5 hours.

Video-call whenever possible. The power of looking into each other’s eyes and hearing each other’s voices can magically make everything feel all right again.

After researching the best applications for video calling with Cuba, the IMO app was the winner and ideal platform. IMO is available for both iPhone, Android and tablet devices. It can be easily downloaded free of charge. The small amount of space required to install the application and its functionality, even when using small limited bandwidths, makes IMO the preferred application for Cuban Internet users.

When you learn the lowest costs to make a phone call to Cuba from Canada on your mobile device is $1.00 per minute (available only with a phone plan add-on), you will see the immediate value of a one-hour video-call. It runs you roughly the same cost but you get an entire hour. It isn’t rocket science.

Inject positive energy consistently into your long-distance relationship to keep it alive! The waiting period can be painful and I do not need to explain the loneliness felt. We must be grateful all the time to maintain a positive outlook. Be thankful you have someone to love and who loves you back. 


Video Call Tips

  • Add the Weather Network app to your smartphone or tablet. The weather network provides excellent and accurate weather updates for almost any city in the world. It is important to monitor and check the current weather conditions in the city your partner lives in before planning a video call. The WiFi connections in Cuba are heavily effected by weather conditions, and you do not want to have them sitting in the rain while you are on the comfort of your couch.
  • Consider video-calling each other at low peak times. Just as phone charges (and not to mention hydro usage) are less expensive during the low peak times of 7PM and 7AM so is the WiFi in Cuba. The public WiFi hot spots have less user connections during that time frame which will ensure a more valuable call with the least amount of disruptions.


The Ultimate Gift for Your Long Distance Spouse: Mobile Recharge Service

I am not going to compare various mobile recharge services. I simply swear by ding, and you will too!

Without any hesitation I recommend this provider. It is by far the fastest, most reliable and progressive mobile recharge service. Available in 130 countries, ding has connected over 300 of the world’s largest mobile operators - Cubacel, being one of them. (Cuba’s telecommunications company ETECSA actually promotes ding and its services as a preferred partner.)

Ding enables the instant, secure transfer of payments through PayPal and accepts all major credit cards. Both the ding ezetop app and website are extremely user friendly. I can easily send a recharge anytime, anywhere.

I have had to use their “chat with us” customer service messenger feature on its website. My experience was exceptional. I had immediate connection with a representative who walked me through the steps to resolve my issue quickly. The problem was my browser and not even an issue on ding’s end.

On top of being a leading service, ding also offers unreal promotions. For Cuba particularly, they offer triple bonus promos, and Nauta account promo top-ups that is necessary for WiFi usage in Cuba. The triple bonus on Cubacel top-ups happens every couple months. You are getting three times the amount you purchase. THIS IS A DEAL MY FRIENDS!!! Take advantage and sign up for email notifications because the promotions are up and gone before you know it!

With text messages and phone calls on mobile devices still at a relatively high price for connecting with your partner internationally between Canada and Cuba the value in these methods mentioned above are realistic and keep you together and close.

Consider these cost effective solutions to compensate for the time and distance apart and keep your love alive and strong. 


Calling Your Cuban Spouse: How the Providers Compare

Phone via

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Bell Mobility

Call from Mobile: $1.91 per minute

Text Message Sent: $0.35 per text

Text Message Received: $0.00


Savings Tip:

Add the International Long-distance Saver to your plan for $5.00 per month and you will save .91cents per minute on phone calls.

  • Call from Mobile: $1.00 per minute
  • ***No text messaging savings***


Travelling Tip:

When visiting Cuba be sure to add a temporary 30-day Travel Pass to your plan. This will save you a tremendous amount on unexpected fees while being outside of Canada.

  • Cuba is Zone1 


Rogers Wireless

Call from Mobile: $1.95 per minute

Text Message Sent: $0.35 per text

Text Message Received: $0.00


Savings Tip:

Add the Value Pack to your plan for $5.00 per month and you will save up to 85% on calls from Canada to Cuba.

  • This package also allows you to send unlimited international text messages!


Travelling Tip:

When visiting Cuba be sure to add a temporary Roam Like Home travel package to your plan. This will save you a tremendous amount on unexpected fees while being outside of Canada. 


Telus Mobility

Call from Mobile: $3.00 per min

Text Message Sent: $0.60 per text

Text Message Received: $0.00


Savings Tip:

Add the International Long-distance Saver to your plan for $5.00 per month and you will save up to 95% on calls from Canada to Cuba.

  • This package also allows you to send 100 international text messages FREE!


Travelling Tip:

***Due to rates charged by TELUS roaming partners, there are no travel passes available for Cuba.***


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