If you are planning immigrating to Canada, or changing your status to permanent, you are most likely using or going to be using Express Entry, the way skilled workers immigrate to Canada. This page contains the current distribution of CRS scores in the Express Entry pool. Find your range below and see how many candidates you are competing with.

The majority of candidates have scores under 400 points, and no draw has been lower than 400 points, so you owe it to yourself to figure out how you get more than 400 points. See this page for an in-depth explanation of how the score is calculated.

Good luck!


Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score distribution of candidates in the Express Entry pool as of September 14, 2017

CRS Score Range Number of Candidates
601-1200 247
451-600 570
401-450 total 12,123 total
441-450 216
431-440 924
421-430 2,692
411-420 3,366
401-410 4,925
351-400 total 26,017 total
391-400 4,379
381-390 5,371
371-380 5,485
361-370 5,455
351-360 5,327
301-350 16,629
0-300 2,932
Total 58,518

The last draw was for 2,772 applicants with scores of at least 435 points. Given that there are over 12,000 candidates in the pool with scores higher than 400, it's likely the score will not be droppping down into the low 400s again any time soon.

How long will the score go?


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