Long queues, intrusive officers and irritable passengers in airports today have ruined the glamour of air travel. Blame it on 9/11. The dread of the formerly pleasant airport experience is sure to get to your nerves at times! However, the following steps will help ease you through your journey. Adequate preparation is key to your journey. Pack your belongings well to ease security checks. Liquids and gels must be correctly packed. If it’s not liquid medication or milk for infants, it should be in a small bottle of 100ml or less and placed inside a clear sizable plastic bag in your luggage. Many companies now sell cosmetics in plane-safe sizes. Wear comfortable shoes. Slip-ons are recommended as they are easier to remove. However, make sure that they are comfortable in case of long security queues. In addition, avoid metallic accessories - or clothes with excess metal - as you have to get rid of them for the metal detectors. The Transport Security Administration requires you to remove your shoes as you pass through the metal sensor. There is basically no room for you to squat and remove your shoes. No benches are provided for you to use and people will be always moving around you! To avoid a situation, wear shoes that are easy to slip off without necessarily bending. You can also undo your shoe laces before you get here. This will reduce your time at the check point! Remove the necessary items from your carry-on when you get to the belt. Place these items along with the carry-on on the belt openly or in the bins that are provided. If the airport requires you to remove the plastic bag with liquids as well as your laptop from the carry-on bag, comply. Ensure the foodstuff you bring along on your journey adheres to airport security guidelines. (If you are traveling to the US from Canada, make sure it is food you can take through customs too, as you will have to pass through US customs in Canada.) This will avoid unnecessary hold ups and questioning. You may be forced to throw these items away otherwise. Security queues at times move faster than you expect. You do not want to irritate other travelers as you search for your papers, do you? To avoid this, have your travel documents within easy reach before you get to the front of the security line. Always have your boarding pass ready. Always bring a photo ID as well, but to make things easiest, make sure it is a passport. Wait for your turn! Go through the metal sensor only after an operative at the airport waves you through. Comply without questioning if you are selected for additional screening by the security staff. You might not be at fault anyway! Be all ears! Be attentive and follow directions as instructed while at the airport. It pays to notice what other travelers forget! Keep your papers secure and available! The boarding pass should always be within reach even after you pass through security. You can now put your belongings together and embark on your journey.


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