In a Cuban first, a man, who apparently identifies as gay, married a transgender woman in 2011. The woman, originally a man, had been the subject of the first Government-approved sex change operation back in 2007.

Putting aside the rather confusing question of whether or not a man is gay if he marries a transgender woman, does this mean same-sex marriage is now semi-legal in Cuba?

The short answer is "no." Unless, we consider the above marriage a same-sex marriage, it is still illegal in Cuba, and most of the Caribbean, for two men or two women to marry each other.

Cuba has considered changing the law, as long ago as 2009 a bill was introduced to change the constitution, which bans same-sex marriage, however that did not get approval. Mariela Castro, daughter of the President, has been the primary public champion of a change in law since 2009, but efforts since then have led to nothing.

So, if you want to sponsor your Cuban same-sex partner for permanent residence in Canada, you will not be able to marry in Cuba. You have a couple of options:

So even though same-sex marriage is not legal in Cuba, you still have options for sponsoring your Cuban same-sex partner to come to Canada.

Sponsors Your Spouse

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