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Struggling to find the answers to your Canadian immigration or travel document questions online? Immigroup is trying hard to make as much information about Canadian immigration and travel documentation available online as we can, but we don't know all your questions. So we are pleased to announce the launching of our forum, where our experts and our community of users will endeavour to answer ANY question you have regarding not only any of the services Immigroup provides, but ANY immigration or travel question you may have.  All for free. To get started, just click the button below:

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Joining Immigroup's forum is simple; once you have agreed to the terms you can use your email to sign up or you can use any popular social network:

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How to Use the Forum

The forum is relatively straightforward to use, but if you don't find it easy to use, we welcome your feedback. Please let us know if you ever have any issues.


Because of the wide range of topics our forum covers, there are many different "boards." Boards are themed areas where can post your questions about a particular topic. The boards are divided into major categories:


Don't Know Where to Begin?

If you are unsure where to post your question, which is understandable since immigration law is so confusing,  we a handy board for you to find directions. We also have a board where you can request a board for your topic if your topic is missing from our forum. We are open to all questions you might have regarding immigration and travel documentation.


Canadian Immigration

The primary focus of Immigroup and our forum is Canadian immigration. Immigroup staff our experts in a wide variety of areas. We are also working with the Canadian immigration services community to ensure you get the best answers to your questions.

General immigration questions Proof of Canadian Citizenship Parental and Grandparent Sponsorship Spousal Sponsorship (Inland) Lost Status Document (Verification of Status)
Family Sponsorship - PNPs Renouncing Canadian Citizenship Permanent Resident Cards Start Up Visas Immigrate as a Tradesman
Business / Investor Immigration Lawyers vs. Consultants Permanent Residence Questionnaire CIC Status Checks Immigrate with a university or graduate degree and work experience
Canadian Citizenship Applications Immigrating with Canadian Work Experience Permanent Residence Travel Documents Immigrating after Studying at a Canadian College or University Working Holiday (IEC) for visitors to Canada
Citizenship Application Residence Questionnaires Live-in Caregiver Programs (Temporary and Permanent) Sponsored Refugees Study Permits Work Permit


Crossing Borders

Travel is getting increasingly complicated and regulated. These boards cover the various documents one might need to travel to Canada, or as a Canadian, American or permanent resident of either country.

Canadian Passports Global Entry Canadian Refugee Travel Documents US Visas
Canadian Visitor Visas (TRVs)   Temporary Resident Permits (TRPs) US Entry Waivers
CANPASS International Visas for Canadians UK Passports  
Criminal Rehabilitation NAFTA and other Trade Agreement Visas US Passports Working Holiday (IEC) for Canadians
FAST Cards NEXUS Cards US Citizenship by Descent  


Marriage Between a Canadian and a Foreigner

Immigroup's speciality is spousal sponsorships. The forum has boards dedicated to the particular hurdles of particular countries. If your country isn't listed (or your spouse's country isn't listed), let us know.

American Marriage   Overseas vs. Inland Sponsorship Vietnamese Marriage
Brazilian Marriage Cuban Marriage For Sponsors Open Work Permits for Sponsored Partners
Chinese Marriage Filipino Marriage Thai Marriage Other Overseas Marriage


Denials, Appeals and Litigation

Immigroup does not itself work on litigation, but we are working with other industry professionals to make sure you get the best advice. This category is in development.



To post in the forum, just pick the board that concerns your question. 

First check to make sure your question hasn't already been asked by looking at the relevant board. You can always search the topics for your topic, by pressing CTRL-F. (Of course, the forum also has a search function that searches the entire forum.)


If your question hasn't been addressed, select "New Topic" and compose your post. The forum has a text editor with a spell-checker and you can save your draft whenever you want.

Posting in our forum

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