How to Prepare for your IEC Working Holiday Application

Many young Irish are eagerly awaiting the opening of the 2014 Working Holiday program for Ireland. I've spoke to many people who are concerned about getting a place in the program considerting how fast the program filled up last year, with 6,350 spaces being snapped up in just 4 days. But this year is a little different with the introduction of the "Young Professionals" and the "international co-op" programs. Hopefully these two new categories will take away some of the demand for the working holiday program.
Planes By skinnylawyer from Los Angeles, California, USA (United Airlines and Air Canada) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Planes by skinnylawyer / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

However, These two new categories have more requirements than the Working Holiday Program:


Young Professionals

The Young Professionals program (2500 spaces available) is 24 month program that allows young Irish to apply for a work permit and be employed and gain experience to further their careers, in a profession that is relevant to their qualifications. This program requires a written job offer from a Canadian employer. Under this program you will receive a work permit and you will be employed by your specified employer for 24 months or the duration of your stay, whereas with the working holiday program you receive a open work permit for 24 months which enables you to work for one employer or multiple employers.

The young professional program opens on Wednesday March 11th at 4pm Ottawa time (8pm GMT)


International Co-Op

The International Co-op program (500 spaces available) is a program that enables students who are registered at a post-secondary institution to carry out their work-placement internship in Canada. This is a maximum 12 month program. For this program you need to be in a third level educational institute and have received signed letter/offer  confirming your contract/ internship that meets the requirements of your academic curriculum in Ireland

The International coop program opens on Wednesday March 11th at 4pm Ottawa time (8pm GMT)


It is fair to presume that the majority of young Irish (18-35) will be applying for the working Holiday program which opens on Thursday March 13th. It is very important that you are prepared before the you submit your application on Thursday.


Here are the various steps in your application

  • open kompass account
  • fill in required feilds
  • submit application
  • afterwards you will receive letter of notification of submission
  • upload documents and pay the fees (passport and resume)
  • you will now receive a notification of receipt of fees and supporting documents.


Here are some tips that will better prepare you for your online application.

1.You will be able to open a 2014 kompass account as of March 11th 4pm Ottawa time (8pm Dublin time) before the working holidays become available on Thursday March 13th. Do not open a 2013 account. This will allow you to fill out your information and save it to your account. But you will be unable to submit anything before the start time on March 13th

2.. First of all you will fill in all of the information. It will give you two options, save or complete.You should save only until you have checked everything thoroughly. Afterwards you will press complete and submit your information. You will not be asked to pay in this step or submit your passport or documents.

3..After you submit you will receive a notification of submission letter in your my messages. You will now be asked to submit the required documents and pay the fees. After you have paid and uploaded your documents you will receive a notification of receipt and supporting documents. You must pay the fees and upload your documents within 10 days of the notification.

4..If you have not done so already, you should scan your passport to your computer and and make sure your picture is clear and visible and that the information is legible. You should do this as soon as possible to avoid any technical complications that would delay you on Thursday. Also check your passport expiry date. Your passport must be valid on the date you apply and throughout your entire stay in Canada.

6..By this time you should have your resume/CV prepared and saved to your computer. It is very important that your resume/CV follows the the required IEC format. Visit the IEC resume template page to make sure your resume/CV matches the required format.

7..It is really important that you have a credit card accessible to you.You may use a third-party credit card (of a family member's or friend's) to pay your IEC participation fee as long as you have the card owner’s permission. The fee is $150 CAN. Please note: There maybe a surcharge for processing payment. For example, Greek IEC applicants are required to pay an additional $4.50 which brings the total to $154.50.

8..Make sure you have access to a computer with internet access on Thursday March 13th, whether you are at home or in an internet cafe.

Laptop By Damoreno (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Laptop by Damoreno / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

9.Do not rush your application. When filling out your information online, please take the time to triple-check all of your details. For example, make sure you enter your name exactly how it appears on your passport. Simple mistakes could result in a refusal.

10.Do not give false information on your application. If you misrepresent yourself on your application it will be refused and you will become inadmissible to Canada, which means you will not be able to return to Canada in the future without applying for special permission.

11.Write down all of your passwords and any codes that you receive from your Kompass account, for example the WTN (World Tracking Number). You will need these codes to keep track of your application.  It is also good practice to print off copies of your application for your own records.

12..IEC will post the exact opening time on the day the working holiday program opens. You should check the IEC ireland page regularly on Thursday.

13.When the program opens you should upload your documents and information, triple-check all the information you entered earlier, pay the fees, and then submit your application. You will receive a message confirming that IEC has received your documents once you have submitted successfully.

After you submit your application, it will probably be a week or two before you receive a decision. If you have not done so already you should begin gathering the required documents for the second step, the work permit application that will be submitted to CIC London.

I wish everyone the best of luck on Thursday, If you are well prepared you should not have any issues.

If you have any questions, we will be live on the Forum all day Thursday, 9am -4pm EST (1pm-8pm Dublin) to answer your questions.


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