As of January 16, the Canadian government has established several measures to deal with the tragedy of Ukrainian Airlines Flight PS752 which was shot down after taking off from Tehran and in which 57 Canadian citizens and 29 permanent residents of Canada lost their lives. The measures will help those affected get information and help them to deal with this tragic situation.


IRCC Support Number and Email:

1-833-864-2831 for calls in Canada and the US.

1-438-843-2029 for calls from anywhere else in the world

The following dedicated email address has also been set up: [email protected]


Hours of operation:

Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST

Weekends 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST


To help those affected travel to Iran or to Canada, the following expedited processes have been put in place:

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by Офіс Президента України / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 4.0


For Canadian Citizens Returning to Iran:

  • A 1-year passport will be provided free of charge with a verbal declaration that you are a family member of a victim.
  • A 5 or 10-year passport will be provided in expedited charge with a passport fee but with no fee for the expedited processing.
  • Apply in person at a Service Canada Centre – Passport Service Office (go here) OR at a Government of Canada office abroad if you are travelling within the next 6 weeks.
  • Go here for information on how to get urgent processing for documents proving your Canadian citizenship.
  • If you apply for proof of citizenship online, you have to pay the fee, but it will be refunded.
  • If you apply for proof of citizenship on paper, you do NOT have to pay the fee.


For Permanent Residents of Canada Returning to Iran:

  • To return to Canada, you will need a permanent resident card (PR card) or a permanent resident travel document.
  • You may apply for expedited processing to get your PR card if you are already a permanent resident, NOT if you are still applying for PR status with no determination having been reached yet.
  • If you need a PR card go here for urgent processing.
  • You do not need to pay the $50 fee, and if you have applied for a new PR card since January 10, 2020, did not identify yourself as a family member of a victim of flight PS752 and paid the fee, contact IRCC for a refund.
  • For a PR travel document (PRTD) you do not have to pay the fee. Go here for more information on how to obtain a PRTD. If you applied for PRTD since January 10, 2020, did not identify yourself as a family member, and paid the fee, contact IRCC for a refund.


Temporary Residents of Canada (and other foreign nationals) Returning to Iran:

For those who qualify (see below) the following fees may be waived:

  • Temporary Resident Visa fee ($100)
  • Temporary Resident Visa – maximum fee per family ($500)
  • Temporary Resident Permit ($200)
  • Restoration of Temporary Resident Status ($200)
  • Extension of Authorization to Remain in Canada as a Temporary Resident ($100)
  • Biometrics fee ($85)
  • Biometrics – maximum fee per family ($175).

Please note that this means these services are free, but you still have to give biometrics, for example, or obtain a Temporary Resident Visa, if your situation requires it. The following measures also apply to Temporary Residents and other foreign nationals:

  • If your TRV will expire before June 20, 2020, apply for an extension.
  • If your TRV has expired within the last 90 days, apply to restore your status.
  • If you have applied for an extension or a restoration of status since January 10, 2020 and did not identify yourself as a family member, contact IRCC for a refund.


For Foreign nationals outside of Canada Traveling to Canada as a Result of the Crash:

  • Your visa application will be prioritized, and your visa fee will be waived but your VAC (Visa Application Centre) fee must be paid. You will be given a 6-month visitor visa.
  • As always, if you applied since January 10, 2020 but did not identify yourself as a family member, contact the IRCC about getting a refund for fees paid for which you are exempt.
  • For an eTA, pay the fees when you apply online, and then they will be automatically refunded. You must do the following:
    • Include the time and date of your travel to Canada, AND
    • In the final text box on the online application form write the following: URGENT: flight PS752.


How to Qualify for Urgent Processing of Your Application

  • Apply for any of the above listed travel documents between January 10, 2020 and June 30, 2020.
  • Follow the instructions listed above (or the instructions at the listed links) for each type of application.
  • Include a signed letter or email explaining your situation and your relationship to the deceased and include proof of that relationship, including the following:
    • A verbal manifestation;
    • Flight Manifest information (passenger list);
    • Media report linking family members;
    • Notice from the airline;
    • Correspondence with a lawyer;
    • DNA results.
  • Write: URGENT: flight PS752 on the outside of the final envelope or courier envelope if you are applying on paper. Keep a copy of your courier number.
  • Send an email identifying yourself as needing urgent processing to the dedicated email address mentioned above: [email protected]


Additional Support from the Canadian Government

The Canadian government has also taken additional measures including the following:

  • Families of the victims who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents will receive $25,000 per victim to assist with their immediate needs.
  • Global Affairs Canada’s Emergency Watch and Response Centre can be contacted by relatives and friends of the victims at the following phone numbers and email address: 1-613-996-8885 /                 1-800-387-3124 (toll free); [email protected]
  • Health Canada has a counselling support line at: 1-877-891-5305
  • Canadian consular officials in Tehran can be contacted at: +98 905 778 9710 / +90 312 409 2700; [email protected]
  • Canadian officials in Kyiv can be contacted at: 380 44 590 3100; [email protected]

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