Beginning in July, Human Resources and Skill Development, commonly known as the HRSDC, is issuing negative Labour Market Opinions for immigration applicants who appear to be destined to work in fields related to the sex trade and human trafficking. This spans occupations in companies ranging from strip clubs to escort services and massage parlors. From July 14, 2012, HRSDC will not being accepting new applications for businesses in these particularly shady fields. Labour Market Opinions, or LMOs, are normally a requirement for foreign nationals who wish to enter Canada to work on a short-term basis. The reasoning behind this new move is simple: the Canadian government wishes to protect foreign workers who might be at risk of falling into the seedy underbelly that most Canadians would dare not wander. According to Diane Finley, Minister of the HRSDC, the Canadian government “is committed to protecting all workers from abuse, exploitation, and demeaning work.” She went on to state that these new measures were enacted to further strengthen the National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking, which was launched early in June. The decision of Human Resources and Skill Development to issue negative LMOs to companies suspected of participating in human trafficking is a step in the right direction. Though, the men who frequently patron such establishments might beg to differ.


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