If you’ve seen our Top 14 Hilarious Translation Fails article, you know that intercultural communication can be a minefield. There’s a whole other dimension to the struggle, once you choose to check out local cuisine. Here’s a list of our favourite menu mis-translations:


16. Ethnic cuisine is half the reason we travel:

Long Boiled Cock by the author


15. Poor duck:

Fuck the duck until exploded via Taskres

via Taskres.com


14. Specialty cuisine:

Urinate beef and urinate fish via Justsomething

via Justsomething via Engrish


13. Never liked bean sprouts:

Stupid bean sprouts via Viral Sweet

via Viral Sweet


12. At least you get a warning:

Rape when greenstuffs via Emlii

via Emlii


11. Two for one:

Hot Dogs and AIDS via

via Blogger via FailPost


10. Would you like a cone?

Ice Cream in the ass via The Mind Circle

via The Mind Circle


9. So much better than fried:

Grilled Sexual Harassment via A Smart Translator's Reunion

via A Smart Translator's Reunion via Engrish


8. You should know what you’re getting yourself into:

Explodes the Large Intestine via Pinterest

via Pinterest


7. Hide your kids, hide your wife…

Deep Fried Baby via Resto.be

via Resto.be


6. They take spices very seriously:

Ruthlessly rimmed chicken wings via BuzzFeed

via BuzzFeed


5. This menu is just full of surprises:

Paste the Skeleton via Vision Times

via Vision Times


4. Tireless squid:

However, Squid via Drama Fever

via Drama Fever


3. For indecisive people:

Whatever via The Mind Circle

via The Mind Circle


2. The tortoise was a diversity hire:

The Tortoise cook the Pork via YouTube

via YouTube


1. You come for the food; you stay for the family values:

God with vanilla via Funny Pics Only

via Funny Pics Only


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