Millions of people migrate to new countries each year, leaving their former countries behind.

One may have hundreds of reasons for Immigrating to a new country. Some of the reasons for immigration are as follows:

  • Escape poverty
  • Climate problems
  • Higher education
  • Higher standard of living
  • Political factors.

Your dream of immigrating to another country won’t be practical until you begin to understand the official immigration process of the country you want to live in.

Although immigration isn’t a hard or complex process as many people believe, it still requires some levels of concentration and planning

Here are some mistakes to avoid when immigrating to another country:


1. Not Double Checking the Application

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This step is considered to be very basic and potentially there’s no reason for someone to miss the signatures on their application form as it’s the most important part.

However, it’s the most commonly made mistake as well. Wondering how? Here’s the answer.

What happens is that in most cases the application form has multiple spaces to sign on it and one may totally ignore some of them.

For example in the additional family information form for Canada, there are the slots for the signature of the family head, spouse and the kids.

Many people sign their own part and miss the other two spots depending on how many other family members are there in the family.


2. Not Choosing the Right Payment Method

When it comes to immigration there are various payment methods used for different countries and sometimes even different methods for the same country.

Mostly the fee people choose the wrong payment method for is the filing fee. It’s important to understand that the filing fee is unique to each application type.  So one should determine properly what the exact fee is to be paid.

Once you are clear from a numbers standpoint, you’ll have to attach the fee, or proof that you paid it, to the filing. This part, if not done correctly, can get your application rejected straight away.

This isn’t the only thing to be aware of, as there’s a lot more to focus on when it comes to payments.

It’s important that you check the equaling amount in your own currency and, for this specific reason, relying on exchange rates won’t be okay since they’d have changed till then.

You need to be certain of the amount you are paying. An incorrect amount for the fee paid can get your application delayed for some time or even rejected.


3. Not Submitting All Paperwork

The whole process of an immigration application is based upon the paperwork. Thus, it’s the most crucial step when moving to another country.

Many people fail at submitting all of the paperwork and it’s probably because there are so many documents to provide.

The documents and the papers that need to be submitted aren’t limited to the official papers only. Most applications also require supporting evidence.

This may include things like your tax certificate, your marriage certificate, your child’s birth certificate and other sorts of family and individual documentation.

You should deeply know about each of the certificates/documents needed since any missing piece can get your application rejected or delayed.


4. Misunderstanding Immigration Rules

When applying for immigration many people tend to misinterpret the rules and regulations they have to follow.

One important thing to understand is that every country has a different set of instructions and rules so you cannot ever be absolutely sure about what the immigration rules are unless you’ve inquired properly.

Some of the most common errors that many applicants make are:

  • Confusing different departments and their roles
  • Ignoring the importance of language benchmarking
  • Missing important deadlines.

What you should do if you’re interested in immigrating to another country is to have a deep look at the rules and processes.

Do not undervalue anything and look at every detail possible, which is certainly not possible for a civilian. This leads us to the 5th mistake made by applicants.


5. Not Getting an Immigration Consultant or Lawyer

Immigration seems to be a costly process and thus many applicants feel that pouring more money into hiring an immigration consultant would be a bad idea. However, it’s not the case in reality.  

You being an applicant can only have a limited amount of knowledge when it comes to immigration while immigration consultants are experts with years of experience.

Thus if you do everything on your own you may have to face application rejections several times and it may cost you a huge amount of money overall. Not to mention your time.

The reality is that a good consultant can help you save a lot of time and money as well. They understand the rules and the whole immigration process better than you.

Thus your chances of getting your application accepted would be much higher.


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