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Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program - Family Business

Immigrate to Nova Scotia

Please note that on January 1, 2015 the way that Canada accepts permanent residents has changed. The new system, called Express Entry, represents a change in method rather than in requirements. This page will be updated shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us at 416-962-2623 or [email protected].

The Nova Scotia Family Business Worker category of nomination is designed to help employers in hiring workers who are close relatives and have the skills required for positions that they may not have been able to fill with a permanent resident or Canadian citizen.

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Family Business worker requirements

The family business worker needs to have a guaranteed, permanent job offer in the province from an employer who is a close relative and who owns an established business in Nova Scotia. The worker must be related to the business owner in the following ways:

  • Child or Grandchild;
  • Sibling;
  • Niece or nephew;
  • Uncle or aunt

Additionally, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Have legal status in the country of residence;
  • Intend to settle permanently in the province;
  • Have a permanent, full-time job offer from an established Nova Scotia business which belongs to a close family member;
  • The job offer must give salary that meets provincial employment standards;
  • Meet the qualifications and licensing needed for the job;
  • Meet the minimum criteria for age, education, work experience, and language ability requirements for the federal skilled worker class of immigration.

“Connection” requirements

In order to qualify as a “connection” for the Nova Scotia Immigrant Connections category of nomination, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be related in the following way to the Champion: a child, sibling, niece/nephew, aunt/uncle, grandchild, or first cousin*;
  • # Have an offer of employment or a proven ability and intent to work in the province; # Intend to live in the province;
  • Along with dependents, be in good health;
  • Along with dependents, have no criminal record.

*Spouses cannot be part of this category of provincial nomination. They should use the Family Class Sponsorship application

 Application Process

The following are the application forms for the Immigrant connections category of provincial nomination:


Family Business Worker Application Form:
the application form for this category  
3 months Approx
Family Business Employer Application Form:
the employer must complete this form
Use of a Representative Form:
use only if retaining a representative
Authority to Release Personal Information:
authorization to release personal information to a designated individual

Permanent Residence Application:
Application For Permanent Residence:
Principal application form for Permanent Residence
6-24 months*
Schedule 1:
Must be completed by each person over the age of 18 who is included in the application
Aditional Family Information:
This form asks that the main applicant provide information about his/her family.
Schedule 4 [economic class]:
Provincial nominees must complete this form along with all other required forms for permanent residency

In order to be issued a visa, all candidates must meet criminal and medical admissibility requirements. Applicants considered inadmissible to Canada may be denied a visa.

* This is a general estimation. Processing times vary among visa offices.

Requirements for residency applications may vary depending on the country of your citizenship. Please contact us for a list of countries.

Our services

Immigroup representation CDN $3000 + tax
There is no PNP application fee for Nova Scotia  
Permanent residence application fee CDN $550 *
Right of permanent residence fee CDN $490 *

* Government fees are based on only one person in the application. Fees will vary depending on number of persons included in application. Applicants may be required to pay additional fees for medical exams, police certificates, language assessments, courier fees or adding dependents to the application. 

We guarantee that your application will be accurate and complete, and in accordance with Canadian immigration law. Book a consultation appointment to get started. At your consultation appointment, we will ask you additional qualifying questions, and answer any questions you may have. We charge a fee of CDN $150 + HST for this consultation. This fee will be deducted from our total fees if you retain our services. For more information please call Immigroup (416)962-2623

Average time to complete application by Immigroup: 2-4 weeks.4 weeks.