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Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program OINP Human Capital

Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers- Express Entry

Immigrate to as a Skilled Worker

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s Human Capital stream (Ontario’s Provincial Nominee Program for skilled workers) is for skilled workers who meet the human resource needs of Ontario employers. The Human Capital stream enables Ontario employers to recruit skilled foreign workers and graduates with multiple degrees. The Human Capital stream of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program includes nominations for both the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) and the Ontario Express Entry program.

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We guarantee that your application will be accurate and complete, and in accordance with Canadian immigration law. The average time for Immigroup to complete an Ontario job offer application is 2-4 weeks. If you are unsure as to whether you will qualify under this immigration program, you can book a consultation appointment  to get started. At your consultation appointment, we will ask you additional qualifying questions, and answer any questions you may have. We charge a fee of CDN $150 + HST for this consultation. This fee will be deducted from our total fees if you retain our services.

Ontario Human Capital Program Fees

The fees for an application for the Human Capital stream are as follows:

Immigroup representation $3000 + HST
Government Fees:  
The PNP application fee for Skilled Worker in Ontario $1,500
Permanent residence application fee $550
Right of permanent residence fee $490

Note: Government fees are based on only one person in the application. Fees will vary depending on number of persons included in application. Applicants may be required to pay additional fees for medical exams, police certificates, language assessments, courier fees or adding dependents to the application.

Foreign Worker Requirements for Ontario Express Entry

The OINP offers multiple streams in the Human Capital Program. There are two strems connected with Canada's Express Entry. First, you must qualify for Express Entry, and you must create your profile. To be eligible to apply under Ontario’s Express Entry Stream, you must meet both provincial and federal eligibility criteria. You will be assessed against both sets of criteria as part of the nomination process so, in theory, it’s harder to apply for Ontario Express Entry than the federal Express Entry program.

To apply for Express Entry through Ontario you must:

  1. Have a valid profile in the federal Express Entry pool;
  2. Indicated an interest in immigration to either Ontario or “All Provinces and Territories” when you created your profile;
  3. Qualify for either the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW) or the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and inform the OINP of which of these two federal programs you want to be assessed against; AND
  4. Have received a Notification of Interest from Ontario through your IRCC online profile.


Ontario Priorities Stream for Express Entry

To be eligible to apply for express entry through the Priorities Extreme, you must meet the following criteria set by Ontario:

  • Work Experience:  either of the following:
  • Education: The equivalent of a Canadian Bachelor’s degree or better
  • Language: At least Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 in English or in French
  • Settlement Funds: The minimum level of savings or income to support you and your family members as deemed by IRCC
  • Intent: The stated intention to live in Ontario
  • Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score: A minimum of 400 points in the CRS of IRCC’s Express Entry system. (Click the link to see the latest scores.)


Ontario Express Entry for French-Speaking Skilled Workers

The eligibility criteria for the French-speaking stream is the above criteria with two differences:

  • Language: A minimum CLB 7 in French and CLB 6 in English
  • Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score: No minimum score.


Ontario Graduate Requirements

To qualify for the Human Capital stream as a graduate of a Canadian university, you must have graduated from either a Master's or PhD program. Here are the requirements:

  1. Education: Officially graduated (or have met all degree requirements) for a Master’s or PhD degree program at an eligible publicly-funded university in Ontario. Plus:
    • For Master’s graduates, you must have completed at least one academic year on a full-time basis.
    • For PhD graduates, you must have completed at least two academic years on a full-time basis.
  2. Language (Master’s programs only): A minimum of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB)
    • Level 7 (or above) in English, or
    • Level 7 (or above) in French
  3. Residency in Ontario:
    • Master’s graduates: Prove you have resided in Ontario for at least 12 of the last 24 months before you submit your application.
    • PhD graduates: Must reside in Ontario with legal status (i.e., study permit, work permit, visitor record) at the time of your application OR, if residing outside of Canada, you must have legal status in your country of residence. If you currently live in Canada outside of Ontario, you do not qualify.
  4. Settlement Funds (Master’s graduates only): A minimum level of savings or income to support you and your family members.
  5. Intent: Intention to reside and work in Ontario.
  6. You must apply within two years of the date on which your Master’s or PhD degree was granted.  This is the date that appears on your Master’s or PhD diploma.

Application Process

After completing your federal Express Entry profile, you can apply online on the OINP website.

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