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Other Canadian Citizenship Applications

We at Immigroup Inc. can help you with other citizenship applications as well. For example, if you need to verify citizenship information, we can help you apply for Search of Canadian Citizenship Records. If you were born outside Canada after 1977 and risk losing your citizenship, we can help you apply for retaining your Canadian Citizenship. Similarly, we can also help you if you want to renounce or resume your Canadian Citizenship.


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Application for a Search of Citizenship Records

Purpose: This application is for persons requesting a search of citizenship records to verify citizenship and naturalization information. A valid reason for the search must be given. If the person is requesting a search of records for information about another person, that person’s consent is needed, unless the person is deceased.

The record letter cannot be used as proof of citizenship. Instead, please use the Application for a Citizenship Certificate.


Application to Register and Retain Canadian Citizenship under Section 8

Purpose: This application is for a person who was born outside Canada after February 14, 1977, and who could lose Canadian citizenship under Section 8 of the Citizenship Act unless he/she applies to retain Canadian citizenship.


Application to Renounce Canadian Citizenship Under Subsection 9 (1)

Purpose: This application is for an adult Canadian citizen who wishes to renounce his or her Canadian citizenship. You must also prove that you are, or will become, a citizen of a country other than Canada, if this application to renounce is approved. If you would like to renounce your citizenship, please contact us.


Solemn Declaration Concerning a Citizenship Certificate That Was Lost, Stolen, Destroyed or Never Received

This form is for Canadian citizens who:

  • applied for a citizenship certificate and six weeks have passed since the certificate was mailed to them. (To know when your certificate was mailed, you can access your file on-line, or contact the IRCC Call Centre). OR
  • possessed a Canadian citizenship certificate that was lost, stolen or destroyed but who do not wish to reapply for a new certificate immediately.


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