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The Worst Countries to Immigrate To

Everybody knows that anyone who can avoid it is not going to live in Haiti, North Korea, Somalia, or South Sudan. Obviously the worst countries to live in are not going to attract a lot of immigrants. Just for fun, here is the list of the 10 worst countries to live in for 2013, by…


Top 8 Canadian Immigration Law Schools

8. Queens’ University – Kingston, Ontario Kingston by Doug Kerr / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0 Along with Western, Queen’s is one of the twin Ontario-elite havens to the east and west of Toronto. Both have strongly competitive and reputable law schools, but at Queen’s it’s not all Bay Street strivers: Kingston’s school by the…


The History of Canadian Passports

With the recent changes to the Canadian passport, we thought you might want to know how we got here. Presenting A History Of The Canadian Passport History Regular Passports Frequent Traveler Passports Temporary Passports Special Passports Diplomatic Passports The modern form of passport in Canada came into being during the United States’ Civil War. The…


Iranian Immigration to Canada

Blogger Farshid Motahari reported in March, 2011, “there is almost no time when people get together in Tehran that migration to Canada is not discussed.”


Egyptian Immigration to Canada

With continuing unrest in Egypt over the past several years, many Egyptians have considered immigrating to Canada as a means to find a more stable and prosperous residence for themselves and their families.  Unfortunately, the road from Canada to Egypt is often fraught with delays because of the large number of requests to immigrate, as…