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The Climate of Bangladesh

Picture of Bangladesh By Jacques Descloitres, MODIS Land Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC (Cropped from Visible Earth) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

[Public Domain]

Bangladesh is on the Tropic of Cancer and so has a Tropical Monsoon Climate, with three seasons. Most of the country is a flat river delta that is prone to flooding. There is very little variation in climate throughout the country.


Dry Season/Winter (December to February)

The winter in Bangladesh features warm to hot temperatures and relatively little rain. The temperature rarely falls below 18C during the "winter." In fact, Bangladesh has never recorded sub-zero temperatures in recorded history.


Summer (March to June)

The summer weather in Bangladesh actually occurs in what we would think of as Spring. The weather is warmer than in the "winter" and there is a lot more humidity. 


Rainy (Monsoon) Season

Most of Bangladesh receives 2300 mm or more of rain each rainy season. (though the southeast receives a lot less.) For comparison's sake, Vancouver gets about 1,100 mm per year. The rainiest parts of the country can get between 3,200 and 4,700 mm of rain. That is an incredible amount of rain. This is probably not the time of year you want to visit.


Dhaka's Climate

Dhaka, the capital city, has a fairly representative climate for Bangladesh, though it doesn't get as much rain as the northeast.

Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Year
Average High 25.4 28.1 32.5 33.7 32.9 32.1 31.4 31.6 31.6 31.6 29.6 26.4 30.6
Average Precipitation mm 7.7 28.9 65.8 156.3 339.4 340.4 373.1 316.5 300.4 172.3 34.4 12.8 2,148


Bangladesh Culture

Compared to the rest of the Indian sub-continent, Bangladesh is a pretty culturally uniform place.

  • Bangladeshis the 10th most densely populated country in the world – of countries over 100,000 square km it is far and away the most densely populated and of countries with at least 10 million people it is far and away the most denseley populated.
  • The official language is Bengali but many people – especially rich and highly educated people – also speak English.
  • 98% of the population is Bengali
  • Bangladesh is a muslim state (which is why it is not part of India).



Religion in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has one ethnicity and one language but a number of different religions (even though the state is officially muslim).

Religion Population
Islam 141,561,846
Hinduism 12,840,787
Buddhism 939,570
Christian 626,380
Other Religions 469,785



Currently, Canadian citizens can purchase their visas upon arrival in Bangladesh, provided you are visiting Bangladesh for tourism or business purposes. If you are a Canadian Permanent Resident and would like to see more information about Bangladesh and its visas, please let us know by completing the form at the bottom of this page.


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