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Disclaimer: All information here in for internal use only, do not share page or give out information that is not on the front end of Immigroup. 


Services and where to send them (internal use only)

UK Passports > Didi/George >> [email protected]/forward to George’s phone/text George client info at 416-732-5717

Immigrating Matters, Cuban Marriage USA (e.g. IMM100, PR card, citizenship, etc…) Ontario and Quebec > [email protected]

Immigration Matters (e.g. IMM100, PR card, citizenship, etc…) All other provinces (not Ontario or Quebec) > [email protected]/for faster call back you can text Gary at 403-389-4915 or text Sean/Gary at 1-800-647-5017

Boarder Cards (Nexus, Fast Card) > [email protected]/ for faster times you can ask the client to call Virginia 1-855-760-0888

Marriage Abroad and/or Sponsorship >> [email protected]/forward to George’s phone/text George client info at 416-732-5717

Walk-in Service in the GTA (e.g. Jamaican/Caribbean clients what this service/clients that struggle with 1) the English language/don’t do well with instructions)  > Mary Zhang > text Mary your request at 647-866-9126


Contact Directory (Public info) 

57 Westchester Drive, London, ON, N6G 2K6

P.O. Box 27060 Masonville PO London, N5X 3W0

Fax: 416-640-2650

Sean Hale and Gary Masur
3409-155A Street, Surrey, BC, V3Z 0G4

DFI Immigration
Cassandra Fultz, Anthony Doherty, (manager Bonnie Tyler)
2558 Danforth Ave, #202, Toronto, ON, M4C 1K3

Mary Zhang 0 Maxcan Immigration Services
7030 Woodbine Ave, Suite 500, Markham, ON, L3R 6G2
Next to Hwy 404 and Steels Ave, East


International Documents
[email protected]
310 Beechgrove Ave, Suite B
Ottawa, ON K1Z 6R3
Manager: Heather








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