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Canadian citizens and permanent residents need a visa to visit Mauritania. There are only 9 countries whose nationals can enter Mauritania without a visa.




Climate of Mauritania

More than 40 per cent of the country is the Saraha desert, but Mauritania actually has four different climates:


Coastal Zone

The coast experiences temperatures lows of 16 and highs of 32, with very little rain.


Saharan Zone

Crazily, the Sahara gets five times as much rain as the coast, but still gets little rain, and only between July to September.

The temperature is usually constant from lows of around freezing to 38C in the afternoon. In late Spring, the lows are higher – 16C – and so are the highs – nearing 50C.

Because of human use, the desert is expanding into the Sahelian Zone.


Sahelian Zone

This area is south of the Sahara and has actual plants. Temperatures vary much less: highs of 16C to 21C every day.


Senegal River Valley

The Senegal River forms the border between Senegal Mauritania. The area of southern Mauritania that borders the river gets 3-4 times as much rain as the other areas in the country. The temperatures are similar to the Sahelian zone.


Culture of Mauritania

  • Muritania is the 29th largest country in the world.
  • But Mauritania has a poplulation roughly the size of Toronto.
  • It's one of the lest dense countries in the world (it's more empty than Canada).


Languages of Mauritania

The official language of Mauritania is Arabic, however African French is widely spoken in the media and among the educated. There are at least six African tribal languages that are spoken widely in the country.


Ethnicity in Mauritania

Approximately 70% of Mauritania is made up of Arabic-speaking people who are the descendants of Africans, Arabs and Berbers. The other 30% or so of the population is made up of non-Arabic speaking Africans.


Religion in Mauritania

Officially, Mauritania is 100% Sunni Muslim. But there are, according to some estimates, 4,500 Roman Catholics, a few other Christians, and some Jews.


Visas to Mauritania

Only 9 countries have been approved for visa-free entry into Mauritania, so most people in the world, including Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents, require visas.

However, if you are flying to Nouakchott international Airport, you can get your visa upon arrival at the airport. If you are traveling to Mauritania by some other route, you will need a visa. Click on the widget at the top right to get one.

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