You have entered an invalid data. Please check the left and returned dates.
Enter the date you plan on signing your application in Box A. (This can be today's date if you are using this just to figure out whether or not you qualify.)
Box A
Enter the date you landed, i.e. the date you became a permanent resident of Canada, in Box B. (The date in Box B cannot be more than 5 years prior to the date in Box A. So, if you became a Permanent Resident more than 5 years before the date you will sign your application, just enter the date of six years prior into Box B. For example, if you are signing your application on December 31, 2015, and landed more than 5 years ago, you would enter December 31, 2010 into Box B.)
Box B
We have now calculated the total number of days between the date in Box B and the date in Box A.
Box C
Enter the total number of days absent from Canada in Box D. Take the total from the chart you completed above.
Box D
We have now subtracted the number of days in Box D from the number of days in Box C and that number appears here.
Box E