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Spousal Sponsorship Course Chapter 1: What You Need

What do I need to submit a spousal sponsorship application?

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To get an idea of what’s involved, start with a little reading assignment: Go here to our article on family sponsorship documents to see all the forms and supporting documents you are required to submit for a sponsorship application.

Remember please, if you’re serious about this then the volume of documents and forms shouldn’t be seen as a burden but rather as a carefully laid out requirement that you fulfill one document and form at a time.

And speaking of time, you should calculate that spending around 2 hours carefully reviewing each step in our tutorial will save you much more time when you actually apply. If you put together a sponsorship application in a matter of a few days, then you have almost certainly forgotten key steps and/or supporting documents.

A successful sponsorship application can take weeks and even a month or two just to put together, depending on the following:

  • How quickly you can gather your documents depends on knowing which documents you’ll need in the first place, and not forgetting key documents when you first apply. Nothing slows down an application like having to scurry around and get a document several months after you’ve applied.
  • How carefully and clearly you’ve filled in the forms – especially ones for family members (of your sponsored spouse/partner) who might not even be considering visiting in Canada. Mistaken or questionable information is seen by immigration officers as a warning flag which can result in requests for additional documents to clear up any mistakes you made by not paying attention to providing accurate information your sponsored spouse’s siblings for example.

In other words, our aim is to help save you days and weeks of frustrating delays that sometimes stretch into months.


What do I need to submit a spousal sponsorship application?

  • A colour printer/scanner for optimal images
  • High-quality paper, sticky notes, paper clips (do NOT staple items when preparing your application – use paper clips)
  • Software – Adobe Acrobat (latest version); photo-capture software.

Remember to:

  • Make at least 2 copies of everything – one for you and one for IRCC
  • Create a Word Document titled something like Not Sure of This. If you can’t find the answer to a question online after researching for over 1 hour, make a note of it in this doc and then as you near the end of the process, you can refer back to this and see how to get help.

The important thing is, don’t let the process get stuck on one item. Take note of the unresolved question, then leave it for later and move on. We have provided a helpful template for your to keep track of your questions:

Sample Sponsorship To Do List (Word doc) Sample Sponsorship To Do List (PDF)

Once you have downloaded your To Do list, or made one yourself, move on to the next chapter:

Next: Chapter 2: Inland Sponsorship vs. Outland Sponsorship


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