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Spousal Sponsorship Course Chapter 13: Country Specific Sponsorship Application Forms

How to Complete the Country Specific Sponsorship Forms mandated by IRCC

Start at the beginning: Sponsorship Application Table of Contents Chapter 9: Sponsorship Document Checklist (IMM 5533/IMM 5589/IMM5629)
Chapter 10: IMM 5481 Sponsorship Evaluation (dependent children ONLY) Chapter 11: IMM 1283 Financial Evaluation (dependent children with dependent children ONLY)
Chapter 12: IMM 0008DEP Additional Dependants Declaration (more than 5 children only)

When you go to IRCC’s Sponsorship pages in order to download your application package – found here after scrolling down the page to where it says Get your checklist, forms, and instructions – you will see a drop-down menu like this:

Where the additional country forms can be found on IRCC's website

In the first place, select who you are sponsoring from the first drop-down menu:

Who is the sponsor sponsoring?

In our example we choose My Spouse seeing as they are already married.

Learn about the difference between Common Law and "Conjugal" sponsorship here

Next you have to choose your principal applicant’s country of origin. In this case, it’s Brazil.

In which country does the sponsored spouse or partner live?

In addition, if you need to submit documents issued from another country you have to click on the third drop-down menu, as follows:

Has your spouse or partner lived in any other countries?

Here we’ve imagined that Carmen Miranda needs an updated passport or other document from Portugal, so we’ve chosen Portugal.

Finally, click on the Get checklist and forms button to get your customized package.

If you don’t follow this process and just get general versions of the required forms you may get the incorrect of the forms or be missing documents required for principal applicants from certain countries.

So it is extremely important to go through this process just to confirm you have the right forms.

Chapter 14: IMM 5476 Use of Representative Form

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