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Spousal Sponsorship Course Chapter 14: IMM 5476 Use of a Representative

How to Complete the IMM 5476 Use of a Representative form for a Sponsorship Application

Start at the beginning: Sponsorship Application Table of Contents Must Read Chapter 13: Country-Specific Sponsorship Forms

As you can see, we like to give you plenty of information that you can act on. As well, it should be clear by now as we’ve stated in various of our blogs, that a Sponsorship Application is a lengthy and detailed process where a few mistakes – or sometimes even a single mistake – can slow down of even derail your application.

So, if the following is true:

  • You’re organized and efficient and good at detail.
  • You don’t mind reading and re-reading the fine print to make sure you got it right.
  • You have the time and energy to devote at least an hour a day for a month or two and not lose track.

Then continue to use this guide and after a couple of months (taking into account the delays in obtaining all sorts of documents – like police certificates for example) you will have completed your application!

If you have doubts about whether you have the time, or patience, to do it all, then you might want to choose a representative. That means filling out IMM 5476:

IMM 5476 Use of Representative page 1 top: explanation of form

As is stated at the beginning of the form:

  • Your representative does not have to be paid.
  • You can only have one representative per application, so if you add another representative to an application the previous representative will no longer be able to represent you.

If you have confidence in a friend with no legal training in Canadian immigration law, that’s your choice.

We strongly suggest if you are going to use a representative that it be a Registered Immigration Consultant in good standing or an immigration lawyer. As you have seen, a Sponsorship Application is frustratingly complex, and you will need someone familiar with the process to guide you.

Please note that you can also use the form to cancel a representative. Remember to choose which option you are doing by ticking the correct box.

As well, the Principal Applicant along with the chosen Representative are the two who fill out the form in this case.

The first section lists the Applicant’s personal information, including whether they have already submitted an application which is dealt with in question 3.

IMM 5476 Use of Representative page 1 middle Part A: principal applican'ts information

  • Do not forget to answer question 3. While it is preferable to appoint a representative before you file your application, we understand that situations change and what might have seemed doable becomes too great a demand on your time and energy and you sometimes decide to appoint a representative after you’ve applied.
  • If you already have a UCI or CI (Client identifier) include it here.
  • Remember to state that you it is a Spousal Sponsorship Application.

Section B gives information on the representative you are appointing.

IMM 5476 Use of Representative page 1 bottom Part B: representative's information

Remember that if they are paid (they can be paid by a third party – someone else – but they are still your paid representative) they must be one of the following:

Please check the appropriate box.

The last two questions in this section (7 and 8) give your representative’s contact information and the representative’s signed declaration.

IMM 5476 Use of Representative page 2 top: representative's contact information

IMM 5476 Use of Representative page 2 middle: representative's declaration

Finally, Section C is for cancelling a representative, i.e. removing their access to your application.

IMM 5476 Use of Representative page 2 bottom Part C: cancelling your representative

Chapter 15: Sponsorship To Do List

We hope you found this content to be helpful.

At Immigroup we provide do-it-yourselfers with clear and accurate information. (For best results, we recommend using the government’s website in conjunction with our ours. For answers to specific questions, please check out our forum. Do these simple things and you’ll be far ahead of the pack!)

For those who want more expertise and support, we offer a broad range of paid services. Let us be your immigration ally, and you’ll see why most of our clients are clients for life.  

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