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Spousal Sponsorship Course Chapter 19: Sponsorship Letter

How to write a compelling sponsorship application letter

Start at the beginning: Sponsorship Application Table of Contents Read Chapter 18: Primary Applicant's Supporting Documents

As we explain in our in-depth article here, a spousal sponsorship letter should be clearly structured and with just enough detail to help immigration officials answer the following questions:

  • Who the Sponsor and Principal Applicant are: dates and location of birth as well as any dependent children and under which class they will be applying (Family Class or Spousal Sponsorship)
  • Where they are applying from: Inland or Outland (see chapter 2).
  • Why the sponsored spouse might have some admissibility issues and what is being done to correct them.
  • How the relationship evolved including what the wedding was like with dates and names of people in attendance.
  • What are their plans for settling in Canada and building a life together.
  • Who is writing the letter: the Sponsor or a family member? Show enough emotion in the letter so be convincing as to the genuineness of the relationship but be factual and precise. Don’t waste immigration officials’ time.

The Sponsorship Letter of Support needs a structure with the following sections, almost like a report.

  1. Give the names and dates of birth of all the main people involved – like characters in a play – the sponsor, the principal applicant, any dependents, and any dependent children of the dependents. What sponsorship class you will be applying under?
  2. How did the sponsor and principal applicant meet? Provide dates and locations with brief descriptions of the circumstances.
  3. How did the relationship evolve after you met? Provided information about
    • trips taken together
    • dates you began to co-habit (if applicable)
    • important events while co-habiting (if applicable).
    • What it is that you love about each other?
    • When did you decide to marry?
  4. Provide lots of detail about the wedding ceremony and wedding celebration afterwards.
    • Where was it held?
    • Civil or religious?
    • Who attended?
    • Who performed the wedding?
    • Where was the wedding party? What was the food? What was the music like?
    • Where was the honeymoon and if there was none, why not?
  5. Detail any birth of a child.
    • When did you find out about the pregnancy?
    • How was the pregnancy?
    • When and where was the child born?
    • When did you decide to name the child?
  6. Give details on the couple’s plans to settle together in Canada.
    • Where will you live?
    • What will the principal applicant do in Canada? Study? Work? Both?
    • If you have a child, have you researched schools near where you plan to live?


Chapter 20: Proof of Your Communication Throughout Your Relationship

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