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Spousal Sponsorship Course Chapter 7: IMM 5406 Additional Family Information

How to Complete the IMM 5406 Family Information Form

Start at the beginning: Sponsorship Application Table of Contents Read Chapter 6: IMM 5669 Schedule A Background Declaration

This form is also filled out by the principal applicant. However, copies of it must also be filled out by any dependent children of the principal applicant who are 18 or older, whether they are coming to Canada with the principal applicant or not. That means that if you have one 18 year old child as part of the sponsorship application, you need two of these forms in your application package.

Please note that information about the spouse/partner has to be included in this form as well.

IMM 5406 Additional Family Information Form page 1 top applicant, sponsor, parental information

Children are included, whether or not they have to complete their own copies of the form.

IMM 5406 Additional Family Information Form page 1 middle children and siblings

Siblings are included too.

Remember, the information provided in each copy is about the relatives related to the person filling out the form. So, if your child has to complete a copy of the form, they will fill it out differently than you will.

IMM 5406 Additional Family Information Form page 1 bottom certification

The form must also be signed. When you sign the form you are certifying the information is correct. The information provided in this form can affect whether or not your non-accompanying family members can come to Canada in the future.

IMM 0008 General Application Form for Canada for a Sponsored Spouse Page 5: Consent and Declaration

Chapter 8: IMM 5409 Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (if applicable) Chapter 9: Sponsorship Document Checklist

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