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Call us: 1-866-760-2623 Email Us: [email protected]

Call Us: 1-866-760-2623
Email Us: [email protected]
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Free Tools

  • Am I a British Citizen?

    Am I a British Citizen?
    Am I eligible for a British passport? If one of your parents is or was British, you can use this tool to see if you can apply for a British passport right away, or if you have to register as a British citizen first.
  • Canadian Citizenship Calculator

    Canadian Citizenship Calculator
    1. List all the trips you've made in the last 6 years 2. Calculate the number of days you were in Canada in the last 6 years 3. Determine whether or not you've spent enough time in Canada in each of the last 4 years
  • Immigroup Forum

    Immigroup Forum
    Get your immigration, visa and travel document questions answered in the Immigroup forum.
  • Find an Immigration Professional for Canada

    Find an Immigration Professional for Canada
    Search our directory of Immigration Lawyers, Registered Immigration Consultants and Quebec Notaires, some of whom have offices overseas
  • Citizenship Test

    Citizenship Test
    Take a practice Canadian citizenship test in the language of your choice.
  • Embassies & Consulates Directory

    Embassies & Consulates Directory
    Locate the nearest Embassy or Consulate of any country in Canada
  • Canada/US Border Crossing Directory

    Canada/US Border Crossing Directory
    Every US-Canada Border Crossing: Maps, Directions, Ratings, Tolls, Alternate Crossings, Photos, Videos
  • Canadian Immigration Program Selector

    Canadian Immigration Program Selector
    Learn how to come to Canada through federal or provincial programs