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Diplomatic Mission Directory for Canada

This is the homepage for a directory of every diplomatic mission in Canada. A diplomatic mission is an office of a country in a foreign country, representing the interests of the country and its expatriate citizens. A majority of the sovereign states in the world have at least one diplomatic mission in Canada. There are 3 main types of diplomatic missions:

Embassy or High Comission

The Embassy (sometimes called a тАЬHigh CommissionтАЭ by commonwealth countries) is the main office of a particular country abroad (i.e. in a foreign state). The Embassy is the AmbassadorтАЩs house and office. It acts as the main administrative centre for a given stateтАЩs staff in a foreign country. The Embassy provides тАЬconsularтАЭ services for citizens living abroad, including passport renewal services, and also usually provides visa services for anyone wishing to travel to its home country.

Most countries do not have an Embassy in everything single other country in the world, itтАЩs too expensive and not worth the time and resources. Smaller countries in particular may only have a couple embassies in a particular region of the world. If a country doesnтАЩt have an embassy in Canada, they usually have an embassy in Washington, DC, and we have included those offices in our directory.

In Canada, every embassy is located in Ottawa, ON.


A consulate is subordinate to an Embassy. It is usually run by a Consul or Consular General. If one country has a lot of expatriate citizens in a foreign country, and/or close relations with that foreign country, it will usually have one or more consulates in that foreign country in addition to its Embassy. For example, Canada has an Embassy in Washington DC, as well as 13 consulates in major American cities, due to the numerous Canadian citizens living in the United States, and the strong ties between Canada and the US. Similarly, The United States of America has 7 consulates in Canada in addition to its Embassy in Ottawa.

A consulate provides similar services to expatriates as an embassy, though these services may be more limited depending on which consulate and where it is located. A consulate will also have more locally or regionally oriented teams or organizations in its offices. For example, the US consulate in Toronto has a large trade mission because Toronto is CanadaтАЩs most important business centre.

If there is no Embassy in Canada for the country you are looking for, there may be a consulate, a remote office of the embassy in Washington.

Other types of Diplomatic Missions

There is a third class of diplomatic mission, which is mission-specific. That means that the mission will have one purpose and may only have very few staff members (sometimes one).

For example, an Honorary Consul, which is a person given the right to perform consular services in another city where there is no embassy or any consulates, is often one individual who will accept, verify and submit expatriate passport applications to either the Embassy or the home country. Sometimes this will be just one person with no staff and these Honorary Consuls often operate out of their own businesses. Germany is a country which makes use of these officials.

Many countries will have trade missions in major cities where they donтАЩt already have a consulate. An independent trade mission is often not equipped to provide consular services to expatriates or visa services to locals.

If the closest diplomatic mission to you is neither an embassy nor a consulate, you should always contact the office ahead of time, before going in person to ensure that they provide the services you require. Otherwise, you may waste a trip.

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