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Originally from County Donegal, Ireland, Anthony Doherty (R#510956) immigrated to Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker in 2008. His primary area of focus is economic immigration to Canada, including Labour Market Impact Assessments, work permits, and all permanent residence programs under Express Entry.

He has successfully advocated for his clients in appeals, as well as instances of Officer error in law or fact on immigration applications.

Anthony represents clients from all regions of the world, with emphasis on Ireland and the UK given his personal experience with the Canadian immigration system. He retains success rate above 96% with both applicants for immigration, as well as employers seeking LMIAs for their workers.

He is particularly skilled in finding a creative approach to an applicant’s Express Entry points to ensure that they have the highest chance of receiving an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence. Anthony is also extremely knowledgeable regarding eligibility for Express Entry.

Anthony is dedicated to ensuring that his clients are able to accept their Invitations to Apply for PR, and to providing honest and sound immigration advice to all clients. He has been a member licensed and in good standing with Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council since 2014.