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Want a job in Cuba?

Jobs in Cuba for Canadians

Getting a Job in Cuba for Canadians

  • Are you a Canadian ex-pat or strong English-speaker who lives in Cuba a big part of the year?
  • Do you pride yourself on your knowledge of Cuba and its people?
  • Are you looking to keep yourself busy make a little extra income on the side?
  • Are you a friendly person and well networked or are you willing to achieve this goal in Cuba?
  • Do your feel yourself energized by helping others and is honesty an important part of your identity?

Act as a guide for Canadians and locals alike

IMMIgroup is looking for a reliable, trustworthy preferably Canadian ex-pat living in Cuba who enjoys Cuba and wants to stay there but who could use a little extra work. IMMIgroup offers a strong support network and the opportunity to make a strong impact in helping Cubans and ex-pats.


What's the Job in Cuba?

IMMIgroup is a Toronto-based immigration firm and is the leading provider of sponsorships for Canadian-Cuban couples in Canada. We have a strong team in Canada but are looking to expand to Cuba, to increase our brand awareness among Cubans and Canadians regularly traveling to Cuba. We are looking for representative in Cuba who would network on our behalf with both Canadian tourists and Cuban nationals. The salary would be commission-based, so you could work as little or as much as you would like.


How will this work?

  1. We will educate you on the basic legalities Canadian immigration rules and Cuban government rules.
  2. You simply spread the word that you can help in the Canadian immigration Sponsorship process.
  3. Once you make contact with someone you simply take their name and offer your support. You will be sending us a simple report on your progress and submitting the names of people you have made contact with.
  4. Once the Canadian resident is back in Canada and makes contact with IMMIgroup, we will know which client came from you.
  5. Once a month we forward you your commission. As of today our commission is CDN$500 per new client.


Who Qualifies?

  • You must not be a Cuban citizen because of legality issues, but as long as your written and oral English skills are excellent, we do not care where you are from.
  • You must spend at least a few months out of each calendar year in Cuba.
  • You must never have been charged with a crime in Cuba or with an indictable offence in Canada.


Other things to consider

Immigroup has a wide reaching newsroom that is viewed by over 70,000 visitors per month. If you love to write and would like to ether grow your network through this medium or just submit your stories, we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email to our newsroom department at [email protected].


Immigroup has been helping Cuban nationals for 10+ years; we do the most Cuban Sponsorship applications in Canada and are well known to both the Cuban Diplomatic Missions in Canada and Canadian Diplomatic Mission in Cuba. Our reputation has been our biggest driving force in our growth. We feel strongly that by growing our support network with honest people like you that even greater growth can be achieved. For some online resources see the links below: