Canada/US Border Crossing Directory

Every US-Canada Border Crossing: Maps, Directions, Ratings, Tolls, Alternate Crossings, Photos, Videos

Border Crossing Directory

This is the homepage for a directory of every land border between the US and Canada. There are three types of border crossings between the US and Canada:

Land Crossings

This directory lists every single Canada-US land border, from Alaska and Yukon to Maine and New Brunswick. There are over 120 authorized land crossings. You can find them by using the map above or you can click "Select from list" to see the whole list by state and province.

The directory also indicates whether or not a NEXUS and/or FAST Card enrollment centre is present at the crossing.

Air Ports of Entry

Only certain airports are considered "ports of entry" for people arriving internationally. We have listed the commercial airports that allow international travel in our directory as well. If one is missing, please let us know.

Marine Ports of Entry

There are hundreds of marine ports of entry, both along the sea coasts and along the border with the US. We have decided not to list them here because of their number and their lack of regular use.

IMMIgroup has a lot of content about crossing the border between the US and Canada. You can find some of it here: border crossing do's and don'ts