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    Work permits with LMIA and without LMIA

    You can get the complete process for applying for a work permit visa online at But First, you need to know there are some Guidelines or requirements you need to fulfill for a work permit visa. Usually, the work permit processing time depends on your applicants or which office you...
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    PR status

    I apologize that if I wasn't able to clear your query in my previous Reply. but these are only major ways to reach out to them. I suggest you wait for some time if the online status is showing under process.
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    PR status

    Yes, You can change the residential address is changed after submitting the PR application through express entry. But if you can’t change the address then you can change it from the online web form. all you have to submit is the required Complete information they asked for & Tell them your new...
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    My divorce case is still in-progress . should i selected legally separated or separated?

    You have to submit the legal document of your separation & Complete the "Service of Process"
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    Chances of approving visitor visa during pandemic

    Hey, If your girlfriend’s aunt is a Permanent resident & she will be providing you with the invitation letter then there will be more chances for your sponsorship visa approval. There are some required documents you have to submit for your sponsorship visa. You should submit the whole...
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    Study visa & visitor visa

    Hey, It’s not mandatory that if your study visa is rejected twice then your visitor visa will be rejected that’s nothing like that. Every visa has its own requirements. you should definitely try for your visitor visa according to me there will be not any problem regarding your visa process.
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    Citizenship application

    Hello, Normally Citizenship application takes 14 to 15 months in most cases & this the just an application process wait time. the overall process time with the whole information is more than that. We all know that in early 2020 due to covid 19 many of the applications are still in process.
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    express entry

    Hey, I think you should wait for some time maybe it has some technical issues in the visa office. But if you have an express profile number that wants to update & were trying it for a very long time & can’t get any validation code then I suggest two options. First is you can submit an online...
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    Work permit processing time in COVID situation

    Hey, If you have a job offer & you want to immigrate to Canada in the fastest way then you can apply for an express entry visa. this is the fastest way to Immigrate to Canada in a short time.
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    Applying visitor visa

    hey, Can you tell me In which country your Girlfriend is living ?
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    How to immigrate to Canada as a pharmacist

    Hey, Can you tell me in which pharmacy field your Brother Wanted to apply?
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    Income Requirement

    if you have enough income to meet the requirement to sponsor your parents you should sponsor your parents. If you got the Invitation letter for your parent's sponsorship. that's a very good thing. Well, It all depends on the country where you want to sponsor your parents because every country...
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    how to choose visa processing office online

    Hello, When you submit your file online they will give you options according to your choice, Rest you can learn about the process of your queries on the (CVAC) Canadian visa Application Centre.
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    How to immigrate to Canada as a pharmacist

    Hey, Can you tell me in which pharmacy field your Brother Wanted to apply?
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    Income Requirement

    Which Country do you want to sponsor your Parents in?